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Along with our guesthouse, cruise and cooking classes, at Sa Sa we also take every opportunity to give back to our community here in Luang Prabang. This involves working with orphanages, schools and local people in need.


We believe in the merits of ecotourism which is why we invite volunteers from around the world to help us help the community. Find out more about our recent projects below.

Our Vision

Local impact

We want to have tangible impact in our local environment. To do this we are investing time and money on orphanage, renewable energy and equitable tourism. 


 Over 70,000 meals provided for local children in need during the Covid pandemic


$1,500 of clothing given to local children in need over Christmas


Every week at least 10 local children eat for free on our Sa Sa Sunset Cruise


Every two months $1,000 is given to the local orphanage 

Volunteer with us

We understand the great value volunteers can bring to an organisation such as ours. The rise of ecotourism is allowing travellers to not only experience a beautiful new place but get to know locals, traditions and cultures all whilst giving something back, which is why we regularly host people from all over the world. 


As can be seen above, at Sa Sa we work closely with our community and would welcome any new ideas as to how we can do more. This work with the community, along with our guesthouse and sunset cruise tours, means that we have a wide range of activities available to our volunteers and a wide range of skillsets we would welcome in return.


If you think you could be a great fit for Sa Sa, you can find out more and apply using one the options below.

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